Wisconsin law may provide you with additional rights including those in Wis. Stat. § 631.81(1) which provides:

Timeliness of Notice. Provided notice or proof of loss is furnished as soon as reasonably possible and within one year after the time it was required by the policy, failure to furnish such notice or proof within the time required by the policy does not invalidate or reduce a claim unless the insurer is prejudiced thereby and it was reasonably possible to meet the time limit. Notwithstanding the Cancellation section above, this Plan will not deduct from your refund the cost of services provided.

This Privacy Notice is separate and distinct from the Sears Protection Agreement entered into between the Obligor and you. This Privacy Notice is in compliance with Wisconsin Privacy regulations and in no way replaces or supersedes the above Agreement.

Financial Information Privacy Notice by Sears Protection Company for Wisconsin Residents:

Your Rights
The Obligor gathers your information in an effort to provide you with exceptional service and offers that will be of interest to you and to administer our business. The Obligor does not rent or sell your customer information except as provided below. If it were to sell all or part of its business, it would share your information related that business as part of the sale. Because you have a service contract issued by or through Sears Protection Company, you have provided certain personal information. Employee access to your information is restricted on a “need to know” basis, and our employees are educated about the importance of safeguarding your information to protect against unauthorized disclosure or use of that information.

About the Information We Collect
To serve you better and communicate on a more personal level, we collect information from these sources (examples are for illustration purposes and are not a complete list of sources of information):
Applications and other forms with your name and contact information;
  • Computer “cookies,” which tell us about your internet service provider and browser;
  • Your Sears credit card account, which includes information like your account balance, payment history and purchase details; and
  • Third-party sources, who, for example may provide:
    • claims information from our service providers to facilitate handling of your claims;
    • demographic information (age, gender, household size, etc.);
    • information about your purchases from other business;
    • mailing lists

About the Businesses with Whom We Share Your Information

Type of Business

Outside Contractors and Service Providers
These are companies, such as service providers and mailing houses, necessary in order to perform our role in a transaction involving you. We also share information with Citibank, USA, N.A. as necessary to process the purchase of a protection agreement with your Sears credit card.

Exempt Third Parties
This includes companies that process our financial products and services, companies that maintain and safeguard our account information, certain companies connected with the sale of all or part of one of our businesses, and government agencies and other authorized parties as necessary to respond to legal subpoenas and other legal process.

These are businesses owned and operated by Sears. Examples include Sears, Sears.com, and Sears’ proprietary catalogs (including Wish Book and Craftsman Power and Hand Tool Catalog).

These are Sears’ franchisees and Licensees – companies that provide Sears-branded products and services but that are not owned or operated by Sears.

What Information We May Share

The law allows us to share the following with Outside Contractors and Service Providers:
  • The fact that you have Protection Agreement issued through or by Sears Protection Company.
  • Your name, address and phone number.
  • How you pay for your Sears Protection Company issued agreement and information as necessary to bill your agreement purchase price.

We are permitted by law to share financial information about you with Exempt Third Parties as necessary.

The fact that you have a protection agreement issued through Sears Protection Company, your name, address and phone number; how you pay for your agreement issued through Sears Protection Company, and information as necessary to bill your agreement purchase price or pay your claim.

Sears Protection Company will not share your financial information, unless a non-affiliate is acting as an “Outside Contractor” or “Service Provider” or an “Exempt Third Party,” except as outlined above.

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